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12 Common Air Fryer Mistakes You Could Be Making 🍳🍟

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Hello, food lovers! 🥘🍲 Today, we’re going to talk about a kitchen gadget that has taken the culinary world by storm – the Air Fryer. This magical device has made it possible to enjoy our favorite fried foods without the guilt of consuming too much oil. But are you using it correctly? Let’s dive into a video by Fabulessly Frugal that highlights 12 common mistakes people make when using an air fryer.

Mistake 1: Choosing the Wrong Size 📏

When buying an air fryer, don’t just look at the capacity size. Consider the dimensions of the basket, especially the horizontal space where you can lay food flat. A 9×9 basket, for instance, is a great size that doesn’t take up too much counter space.

Mistake 2: Using Oil Incorrectly 🛢️

Even though an air fryer is marketed as a healthier way to fry foods, most of the foods you cook will need a little oil if you’re looking for that truly crispy finish. The key is to use the right amount of oil and the right type of oil. Avoid pressurized and canned sprayers as they contain propellants and chemicals which can cause problems with the coating inside the air fryer basket. Instead, use a good oil sprayer and put your favorite oil in it.

Mistake 3: Not Rotating or Shaking Your Food 🔄

For a perfectly cooked meal, you’re going to want to take time to flip or rotate the food or shake it when it’s halfway through cooking. Some air fryers have a reminder for you, others don’t.

Mistake 4: Not Checking the Food’s Temperature 🌡️

To get the best results from the meat that you cook in your air fryer, invest in a small instant-read digital meat thermometer. They’re cheap and so helpful to make sure you don’t undercook or overcook your food.

Mistake 5: Not Giving Your Air Fryer Air 🌬️

Air fryers need air to cook. Make sure your air fryer has at least five inches of space between it and the wall. This will allow it to have enough circulation and also protect your walls.

Mistake 6: Cooking Fatty Foods Incorrectly 🍖

When cooking fatty foods, put a little water in the drip basket. That way, when the fatty oil lands down there, it’s going to hit the water instead of metal, preventing all the yucky smoking that sometimes people experience in their air fryers.

Mistake 7: Not Cleaning Your Air Fryer 🧼

Always plan on cleaning the basket right after you use it. The longer you leave your food in the air fryer, the harder it’s going to be to clean it off. The crumbs that are left behind in the basket are going to burn to a crisp the next time you use your air fryer and be even harder to clean.

Mistake 8: Cooking Wet Food 💦

Air fryers cannot cook foods that have a wet batter. Any unbreaded food that you want to get crispy and browned, you need to pat it dry first.

Mistake 9: Not Adapting Recipes 📝

Air frying food is not a perfect one-to-one conversion from baking instructions to air fryer instructions. Since the air fryer is so compact, it cooks foods faster, so you will need to adjust the time and temperature when you cook foods## Mistake 10: Not Using Your Air Fryer to Reheat Leftovers 🍲 Say goodbye to soggy leftovers! Reheating leftovers in the air fryer is the best way to bring food back to life. Yes, it does take a little bit longer than the microwave, but it’s faster than reheating in the oven and so worth it.

Mistake 11: Not Using Helpful Tools 🛠️

While you don’t need to go out and buy more accessories for your air fryer, there are other things you can use. For example, foil can be used to make a foil sling which helps with lifting delicate meats and cookies out of the air fryer. Also, parchment paper with holes is great for foods like chicken parmesan or coconut shrimp that are a little bit messier in the air fryer.

Mistake 12: Cooking in the Air Fryer Without Cleaning 🧽

Thinking about cleaning the air fryer in between cooking sessions can sound like a pain in the neck, right? But it’s actually super easy. The longer you leave your food in the air fryer, the harder it’s going to be to clean it off. The crumbs that are left behind in the basket are going to burn to a crisp the next time you use your air fryer and be even harder to clean.

In conclusion, while air fryers are a fantastic tool to have in your kitchen, they do require a bit of know-how to use correctly. Avoiding these common mistakes can help you get the most out of your air fryer and enjoy delicious, healthy meals.

For more tips and tricks on using an air fryer, do check out the full video by Fabulessly Frugal on YouTube. And don’t forget to join our food-loving community on Facebook for more culinary discussions and recipe exchanges. Happy cooking! 🍳🥘

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  1. This article from Masala Monk provides valuable insights into common mistakes people make when using an air fryer. It’s great to see these tips and tricks to ensure optimal usage of this popular kitchen gadget.

    The advice on choosing the right size air fryer is particularly useful, as considering the dimensions and spacing allows for proper airflow and efficient cooking. Cleaning the air fryer right after use is another helpful reminder, as it can become harder to clean if left for too long.

    I appreciate the inclusion of a video by Fabulessly Frugal, which adds visual guidance to the article. It’s always beneficial to see demonstrations and examples when learning about new techniques and kitchen appliances.

    Overall, this article serves as a helpful resource for both beginners and experienced air fryer users. Thanks to Masala Monk for sharing these common air fryer mistakes and providing valuable tips to enhance our cooking experiences!

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