Have you got a product that world needs to see.. err eat?

You know you have in it to scale it?

Are you keen on reaching out to most premium gourmet audience in India?

We can help you do all that more. With entry packages to our Creators Club starts from Rs.50,000 only! Where you can list your products and sell them all over India through our store and channels.

If you are looking for grooming and mentoring to setup your own brand and portfolio, we can help you do that as well. From finding a name for your product to the time you start selling them thousands, we will be there support you.

Fee Structure

Plan A – Rs.50,000 plus GST – Entry to Creators Club when you have your products already setup and have experience in shipping them already.

Plan B – Rs.1,50,000 plus GST – Help you get your products to market – guiding you on packaging, design, taste, pricing, shipping etc.  60 days you start selling or you get a refund.

Please write to us with ‘Want to Sell’ on and please elaborate about your product, what stage you currently are in, Why do you want to do this and would you be willing to put in the hard work that is needed if the sales does well. Remember, to follow your passion, you need to work 3 times harder. Its easy when you don’t sell, however when you sell well, it is actual hard work which you would need to put in. So if that does not deter you, do write to me for sure.