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Win Masala Monk Hampers!

Its 2020 time and we are excited! To keep the excitement flowing here we are with our FIRST EVER contest!

We have kept it very simple – and the best part – everyone can be a winner, yes you read it right. And No you do not need to invite your friends or share or collect likes, none of that is needed.

All you need to do is record a video from your mobile or preferred camera and upload the same on our facebook page. A video of you sharing your feelings or feedback about a Masala Monk product, or how exactly you like to use it. If some product or creator has a life-changing impact, we are keen to hear that as well.

Here are some things that are a must.

  • You yourself or someone from your family to feature in the video and express their feelings.
  • Must hold one or multiple Masala Monk products in hand or in the frame.
  • Make sure you mention your age and location somewhere in the video.
  • The minimum length should be 30 seconds and a maximum 60 seconds.
  • Please make sure the video is uploaded on our facebook page here.

We would be picking up videos we like and featuring them on our website, product pages, social profiles, and advertising. If we like your video and use it for advertising you are going to get hundreds and thousands of eyeballs – making you famous maybe. Besides that, an awesome Hamper worth Rs.2000 would be sent over in case we pick your video.

Tips :

  • Make sure you record it in daylight or well-lit room.
  • Gardens, Balconies, Terraces work the best – the more natural the better.
  • Dress well and look smart – you got to become famous 🙂
  • Yes, mobile videos are acceptable.

So what are you waiting for – record a testimonial for us, upload it on our page and stand to get famous along with an awesome hamper from our side worth Rs.2000 ^_^

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