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Cows with VR sets – Coming soon to a farm near you

Well, we all need a good ambiance at our workplace for better performance. Don’t we? While we, modern humans, have very conveniently customized our surroundings according to our needs with the help of advanced technology, here is something not all of us could have thought of.

Instead of artificially inseminating cows before age and breaking the natural cycle, why not use modern technology to make the cows produce more milk? As much as it is painful for the animals, artificial insemination (AI) can also reduce the nutrition of cow milk.

But then RusMoloko, a dairy farm in Russia, came up with this unique idea of making a herd of cows wear VR and send them on a vacation. Researches have proved that dairy farms around the world with a calm atmosphere produces higher and better quality milk. Now, sending the cows overseas for a vacation is quite a task. Besides the cows look better with those VR glasses on!

That’s right, technology can do wonders, but innovation is the key. This dairy farm has been using VR glasses, designed specifically for these dairy cows to reduce their anxiety and enable them to relax into producing more milk.


Combining its years of experience in the dairy farming industry with modern technology, the team developed VR views in accordance with a cow’s vision. Did you know cows have a higher perception of the colour red but weaker tones of blue and green? Moreover, the virtual reality architects designed a unique program for simulating the feel of green summer fields within the cows. The cows are definitely in a happy place now, so are the animal right activist.

Now only time will tell how efficient and cruelty-free milk production would be using this and other technologies like these. Please do share your thoughts in the comments. Do share with friends who care.

Why do we care?

At Masala Monk, we believe not only in delivering the most unadulterated food products at your doorstep but also aim to eradicate the global issue of food additives. Cow milk is consumed by many, including a huge section of children and aged and if this VR project reaches success, it might reap interesting results.

1 thought on “Cows with VR sets – Coming soon to a farm near you

  1. I am really not sure whether the cows ould like being strapped on with a headset… Though it is immensely better than Artificial Insemination!
    I just wish the poor animals had naturally calm surroundings
    Must agree that he VR is a unique idea.

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