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Treadmill vs. Running Outside

man wearing black tank top and running on seashore

Treadmills and Strokes! Offlate we have been hearing a bit about the phenomena, of otherwise healthy people suffering some kind of stroke – while working out and that too mostly on treadmill.

As someone who has been leveraging walking and movement myself, I cannot help but stop think about the phenomenon and if you are regular as gym or use treadmill, this should be useful for you.

Imagine – You’re out for a run, walk or jog – feeling the burn, and suddenly your body’s like, ‘Whoa, slow down!’ You know the drill – heavy breathing, pounding heart, the works. Your body’s smart, it knows when to say ‘enough is enough.’ You will gasp, you will fumble, you will just not be able to move on, but before that stage, you will considerably slow down, automagically – thats how the body works.

But now, let’s switch gears to the treadmill. You’re pounding away, and that trusty machine just keeps on chugging. And here’s the kicker – your body’s still sending those ‘slow down’ signals, but the treadmill’s like, ‘Nah, we’re not stopping yet.’

So what happens? You end up pushing yourself harder than you should, all because that treadmill’s got your back – or rather, your legs. It’s like your body’s saying ‘stop,’ but the treadmill’s saying ‘go, go, go!’ And that’s where things can get messy. Your body’s hitting its limits, but the treadmill’s oblivious. The natural slowing down, the defense mechanism of the body I would assume, is bypassed – thanks to that machine at work.

So next time you’re on that treadmill, keep in mind – listen to your body, not just the machine. It knows when to call it quits, even if the treadmill doesn’t. Do not push yourself too hard.

I can go about harping on how awesome the outdoor is anyhow, but that is not the point of this post. Outdoor is the way of expressing it, If not running – you can do walking and jogging indoors as well, without really needing a treadmill.

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