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Savor the Flavors: Kerala Style Coconut Vegetable Stew

Few days back, when I visited my sister she made this delicious Kerala style vegetable stew with Malabar paratha. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to note down this recipe to share with you all.

This Extremely nourishing and comforting vegan curry stew with lots of vegetables subtly spiced and fragrant with coconut milk is something you should try.

This simple vegetable stew is such an easy recipe that is wholesome and is loaded with vegetables. Potato, carrot, green beans and green peas are the most commonly added vegetables to this vegetable stew


  • 250g Chopped Potatoes
  • 250g Chopped Beans
  • 250g Chopped Carrot
  • 250g Chopped Onion
  • 100g peas
  • 200ml Coconut Milk
  • 1 Star Anise
  • 1 Inch Cinnamon Stick
  • 6-7 Black Peppercorn
  • ½ tbsp pepper powder
  • 5-6 Curry Leaves
  • 2 tbsp Oil
  • Salt


Wash, pat dry and cut all the vegetables into equal sized pieces .

Heat a large pot or deep pan over medium heat. Add Oil if you want more coconut flavour add coconut oil and whole garam masala star anise, cinnamon stick and black peppercorns to the pot. Saute for a minute until fragrant.

Add the chopped potatoes, beans, carrots, onions and green peas to the pot. Stir well to combine with the onions and spices.

Now Pour in the coconut milk and mix thoroughly. Bring the mixture to a gentle simmer. Cover the pot with a lid and let the vegetables cook in the coconut milk for about 10-15 minutes or until they are tender and cooked through.

Season the stew with salt and pepper powder according to your taste preferences. Adjust the consistency of the stew by adding more coconut milk or water if needed.

Once the vegetables are cooked and the stew has thickened slightly, remove from heat. Serve the Kerala Style Coconut Vegetable Stew hot with Malabar Paratha or Appam. Also goes well with steaming hot rice and Idli.

Making Vegetable stew is great way to make your family eat their vegetables. you can add vegetables of your choice in this recipe and if you love non vegetarian foods you can add boiled eggs, chicken or meat of your choice in the same gravy. This vegan curry is so wholesome and comforting.

I would love to see your creations. If you tried this recipe , just click a pictures and tag us on @masala.monk or use the hashtag #MasalaMonkRecipe and share on Instagram and Facebook. Happy Cooking!

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