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How to receive deliveries in Covid19 outbreak?

As you know we have started with special deliveries in Lockdown and are catering to Delhi and Gurgaon – after listening to numerous patrons we introduced a few items and a Stay at Home Menu you help you stay and inside and maintain some sanity and happiness while doing so.

Our boys are trained in zero contact delivery and are approved by the government for deliveries in lockdown – they use gloves, masks, etc – you do not have to go near them and they will keep the pack where ever you want them to – keeping a distance of course.

You get the package, sanitize the outer bag – remove the main Tub / Jar from the bag – sanitize it and let it sit for a while – wash your hands thoroughly wait for some time, chill the tub and then enjoy it. You can use these precautions and processes not only for Masala Monk products but for all kinds of deliveries edible or otherwise that you receive at your home.

Homes, where items are made, are cleaned several times a day and people wear hairnets, gloves, masks, aprons, etc while preparing the food. 🙂

So stay at home, stay healthy and order away from our Stay At Home Menu or simply from the Desserts/Cakes section and keep celebrating the lids.

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