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Top 5 Gulab Jamun Recipes on Internet

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In Indian culinary culture, a festival, or celebration, or even a small family dinner/meal is incomplete without sweets. A traditional Indian sweet dish holds that charm to make most of us go weak on our knees. If Indians are asked to pick one of their favorite sweet dishes, the dessert that will top the list and be picked by many will be “Gulab Jamun” – the fried milk-solid balls soaked in sugar syrup. It is irreplaceable, adds sweetness and soul to celebrations be it birthdays or marriage ceremonies. No one is ever too full for these sweet delicious delights.

Gulab Jamun lay its origin in Persia and the Mediterranean. But it was the Mughal who brought this dessert to India during the reign of Babur in the 16th century. The word “Gulab jamun” is derived from the Persian word ‘gol (flower)’ and ‘ab (water)’ which referred to rose water-scented syrup. The other word ‘Jamun’ is a dark purple Indian fruit/berry. It is commonly known as ‘Black Plum’ which is almost of the same shape and size.

Being served hot during winters and top it up with kulfi during summer Gulab Jamun has finds its way to reach everyone’s plate. But do you know that the delicious these sugar syrup balls are, the easier it is to make them at your home? Yes, you can make them in your kitchen in no time.

Let’s dive into the top 5 quick, easy and tasty recipes on the internet to make Gulab jamun at home. Also, keeping in mind your busy lifestyle, all the recipes listed below describe the stepwise process to make Gulab Jamun with Khoya as well as with milk powder.

  1. Swasthi’s Recipes

Swasthi recipes shares both the ways of making Gulab Jamun. Preparing it in an old traditional way with khoya, and with milk powder. If you do not want to toil up in the process of long making khoya at home just use milk powder instead. About the preparation of sugar syrup, Swasthi’s recipe kept it simple by adding just sugar and cardamom. It provides just the perfect flavor to the milk solid fried balls.

Image: Swasthi’s recipe
  1. Dassana’s Veg Recipes

Dassana’s veg recipes, process of making Gulab jamun is different and interesting. They add grated paneer, fine Rava (semolina) and cardamom powder to the khoya while kneading the dough. They also add some rose water to the sugar syrup to provide a delightful fragrance and flavor to it.

Dassana's recipe
Image: Dassana’s recipe
  1. Hebbar’s Kitchen

Hebber’s kitchen recipe talks about the preparation of Gulab jamun with milk powder. They add desi ghee and milk to the flour while kneading the dough. Adding ghee and milk to the flour keeps the dough moist and helps in making round smooth balls. Hebber’s kitchen recipe makes the sugar syrup more relishing by adding sugar, cardamom, rose water and few strands of saffron to it. All these ingredients provides the perfect flavor and fragrance to it. They also add lemon juice to the sugar syrup to prevent it from crystallizing.

Image: Hebber’s kitchen
  1. Food Viva

Food Viva also lists both the ways of making Gulab Jamun, with khoya and with milk powder. Also, they drench their soft, spongy balls in delicately flavored sugar syrup prepared from sugar, cardamom, rose water, and few strands of saffron.

Image: Foodviva
  1. NDTV Food

NDTV food keeps it simple to make the dough. They prepare the milk solid balls by mixing khoya, Maida, and baking soda. Regarding sugar syrup, they adds sugar, milk, cardamom seeds, and powder with few strands of saffron to it. The ingredients above fills the milk solid balls with perfect sweetness and fragrance.

Image: NDTV Foods

All the above-listed recipes are easy, quick, and simple to make at home in no time with basic ingredients. And, if you still get stuck somewhere in these recipes most of them have already provided the FAQs, Pro-tips, and do’s & don’ts to follow.

Why wait for a celebration or occasion to dive into the sweetness of Gulab Jamun. Just choose your favorite recipe to prepare at home and serve it hot at your dinner table. So, what are you waiting for, let you and your loved ones delve into this culinary masterpiece and relish the sweetness and goodness of Gulab jamun.

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